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Rock Creek Splitboarding

Took advantage of a windless powder day on Saturday and lugged up the 5D to grab some photos. I’ve been up this area two times in Summer/Fall and always knew it had some good areas to ride. Glad we finally got up there in Winter to take some turns. The approach feels pretty long but it’s a gradual climb over about 3-4 miles. Most of that you can ride back down which is pretty fun.

Leaving Boulder and looking at this crazy blue over the foothills
South St. Vrain Canyon
Ok so there’s a lot of photos of the uphill. The forest was actually really nice.
Lower slopes of St. Vrain Mountain
St. Vrain Mountain
Normally a view of Longs Peak and RMNP
Cherry pie for the transition
Longs Peaking out
Got zero photos of the ride down back to the car but it was super fun
Love this view of the flatirons and foothills

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